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Two overzealous medical students fight for their lives after discovering a mysterious device inside a cadaver.

Incision is a contained medical thriller about Chad Jesper, an ambitious med student who buys access to a fresh uncut corpse in his student medical lab. Upon arrival, another student, Bekah Tan, is coveting the same opportunity for ‘extra credit’ carving. Partway into their dissection, Chad removes a strange object from the lung tissue.
Chad secretly pockets it, only to have it activate and inject him with an unknown substance. As the two struggle to put the puzzle together, armed suits break in seeking to recover it. Chad and Bekah must keep them at bay while locating two additional pieces to the device.
Status:  funding
GENRE:   Medical Sci-Fi Thriller [Feature]
PRODUCED BY: Loesch Productions 
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 DARIN SCOTT, an award-winning thriller/horror director (SOMETHING WICKED, DARK HOUSE, CAUGHT UP) is attached to direct. He has a cult following in this genre, and is continually invited as a guest speaker at many film festival panels. Darin has worked with a range of talent, including the late Brittany Murphy and Michael Clarke Duncan, as well as Renee Zellweger, and Danny Glover.     ...more


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An award winning screenplay. 
• 2013 PAGE International Bronze – 5,600 entries, Incision placed third in the THRILLER/HORROR category.
• 2013 NICHOLL Semifinalist – Top 100 out of 7,000 entries.
On Incision: “From page one, I couldn’t put it down. I fell in love with the great characters, intriguing mystery, and sci-fi thrills on the first read.”
                                            - Darin Scott
Investor Information Available
Investor Information Available